About us

McLaughlin Waste Equipment is a family-owned business. We strive on providing a quality product and whatever the customer wants. We build a variety of waste equipment including Roll Off Boxes, Front Load Container, Rear Load Containers, Roll Dumps, Scrap Bins, and other Steel Containers. Danny McLaughlin and Eliseo Alatorre started up their first company McLaughlin Refuse Equipment in 1995. They are now back at it again and now we are McLaughlin Waste Equipment. They have been successful because they focus in on making the customer happy; by providing quality, dependability and competitive pricing.

Our focus to serve and make customers happy, has led us to partner with PRT for replacement parts. McLaughlin can offer you a full line of parts including Lids, Bottoms, Commercial & Roll Off Container Parts and Compactor Components.

Meet the team

Danny McLaughlin - Danny has been in the waste industry for over 30 years now. He has a record of success in sales management and marketing. Danny started at Consolidated Fabricators in 1987. He began his career as a plant manger and had the responsibility of supervising over 50 employees. He became a outside sales representative, in which he oversaw sales for the Galt plant covering all of Northern California to public and private sector. In 1995 he started McLaughlin Refuse Equipment, Inc. He helped grow MRE in which he averaged a 20% annual growth. He managed sales, purchasing, accounting and production departments. 

Eliseo Alatorre (Plant Manager) - Eliseo also has been in the waste industry for over 30 years. He has worked for all of the major manufactures including: Consolidated Fabricators, McLaughlin Waste Equipment, Wastequip and now with McLaughlin Waste Equipment. When it comes to manufacturing and putting out a quality product their is nobody better. 

Hana Carrasco was previously Hana Cobos (Sales Northern California) - Hana has been working in the industry for over 17 years. When she started working for McLaughlin Refuse Equipment in 1998 she was hired as the receptionist. She quickly became an irreplaceable employee/partner working in all areas of the company. She is now head of all Northern California sales. She is extremely knowledgeable in all products that we manufacture. Hana said "When I first started in this industry I had know idea how much I would enjoy being a part of it. Customer service is my #1 priority!"

Tom Bullard (Sales Southern California) - I have spent almost 30 years in the Waste & Recycling industry and loved every minute. Waste Management was my first stop for nearly 10 years in Sales Management. I then, spent the next almost 20 years on the equipment side of things. My focus has not changed over the years; provide great customer service with a quality product at a fair price. I’m very proud of the product knowledge regarding containers & compactors that I bring to the table.